Bend Rock Gym – Failing Up

Totals —

  • Time: 1:00:00
  • Climbs: (1x) 5.8
  • Failed Attempts: (3x) 5.9+’s, (1x) 5.10
  • Location: Bend Rock Gym
  • Notable Climbs: Spelling B (5.8), Yoga Pants (5.10)

Today was a rough one! I was determined to make it up this 5.9+ (three times!), and I kept getting closer. But, as I did my last ascent, I could feel exhaustion weighing on my arms. As I made my last grab for the last two handholds, I rushed it, and I didn’t secure my footing. So, I fell. But my arms were too tired to do it again. I — instead — decided to have at least one successful climb, and did a pretty easy 5.8 (albeit there is an inverted section near the top) called “Spelling B”.

The 5.10 I tried looked easy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong in reading the wall. It required a super-long expanse between holds (side-to-side), hence the name “Yoga Pants”, as you basically have to do the splits to climb it. I only made it about halfway.

No photos today.

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