Bend Rock Gym – Spider Kids

Totals —

  • Time: 3:00:00
  • Climbs: (1x) 5.6, (2x) 5.8’s, (1x) 5.9+
  • Failed Attempts: (1x) 5.9+
  • Location: Bend Rock Gym
  • Notable Climbs: Reach for Each (5.9+)

This time I was lucky enough to take my kids — Lily (8) and Leo (4). At first I was worried they would get all strapped-in, climb two handholds, fall, and quit. Boy, was I wrong — They loved it!

At first, Lily struggled with one of the smaller 5.6 yellow ones, as the holds were too small for her toes (she wanted to plant her feet solidly). So, we found her one with bigger holds: a red 5.7 (“Or Nice?”). And then she kept doing that one over-and-over for almost three hours!

Leo loved the whole process. He was able to put his feet and fingers on much smaller holds than Lily, so he could transition between a few different climbs. But, he really enjoyed a pink 5.8 (I forget the name) that he kept climbing up about 15 feet, saying, “Look Dad!” and then falling back, repeat.

I’m super proud of both of them!

I was able to do a couple climbs while the kids were resting or watching me. I wanted to show them how I used my feet, and also what going all the way to the top looked like.

Fortunately, they were also able to witness my first time climbing my until-now nemesis “Reach for Each”. Right near the top, Lily asked, “How are you doing Dad?” I yelled back “Great!” and then made the final four handholds (which had eluded me the previous five times).

I hope to be able to take them many times in the future. They had nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

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